what i've been DOING all this time: a picture post [UPDATED]

What have I been doing? Oh just compromising the morals I once had, just about regretting hanging out with the people I hung out with the first two months I was here, and having a really good time. Oh, and not doing any of this BS work that our program thinks they can give us — if you're going to give us work, how about it shouldn't be worthless? And eating enough empanadas to fill a small army of children. And stressing out about my visa that I don't have yet, but that I need to get credit for this semester. If i don't graduate next semester, there will be pain.

And these things —

This is the best picture of Hilary ever taken in the planet ever ever ever.

I'm an amateur, but...

Hilary is some sort of.. kung fu master. Apparently.

People from my dorm on Halloween: Francisco from Colombia, Sam from NYU and Cullen from NYU.

Pepper-Ann and.. a Brazilian PROSTITUTE?!?! I knew my time would come.


This is in the middle of the biggest avenue/street in the world. 16 lanes. Imagine crossing that. I do it, it's frightening.

Me and Sadaf! She's one of my Euro friends, from Sweden. Love her.

Sadaf, Jenny and me. My friends. Love them.

I can't actually give you words.

Hilary and I being lovers/roomies, giving good face.

EMPANADAS. If I had to make a top five list of things I loved about Buenos Aires and that I would be on the verge of tears about leaving, EMPANADAS would take at least three different slots in that list. Or maybe all five. DELICIOUS. Although these empanadas were not mine.

We found masks in our room and decided to play with them.

This therefore happened.

*these photographs are delightfully courtesy of hilary "badassathon" telford.

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hb said...

looks like fun :)
and yea... i could imagaine crossing that street as being super duper frightening...