here at last

I'm here, bitches!

Buenos Aires is chilly, the sky kind of looks like Pittsburgh — you can't tell if there are clouds or just sky, and oh yes, rain just started pouring out of that very same nondescript sky I mentioned — and the old people are so so cute. And the people dress really funky, which is sometimes bad and sometimes good. And I just had an empanada and cafe con leche and it — particularly the coffee — was delicious.

I have a good feeling about this Buenos Aires. When I was in the airport waiting for my taxi, the guy who escorts people to their taxis asked if 25 was my number and i said si. Then he said "Ohhh! Hola!" and I was all "Hey! I mean, hola!" And then we he left me to be in my taxi with my fellow IES students and he looked straight at me and said "Bonita! Muy bonita!" and I was all "Gracias, boo!" except without the boo part. I'm not bringin the hood to Argentina! Ok, I am. Also, some of th IES people are really lame/boneheads/meatheads, and some of them are kind of tight. More on that later.

I live in a little apartment-like residence hall on a street named Paraguay in Palermo Viejo. My roommate and I have our own bathroom. This is what our room looks like —

Yes, those are my chucks. No, I don't feel like turning the picture around.

And that's it for now. I'm settling in with a purchase of delicious champagne (Extra Brut) and I get to probably see Claire today. If I party, you'll know about it. I've already spotted some hot thangs. Yes, I typed thangs.


Jewel said...

I like this blog thing you have btw. And was that an empanada...like a real one?
And it's good to see that you've taken your people hatin to argentina.

vogue la reina. said...

so i was crazy excited when i saw you posted this! and alba told me about your roomie playing M.I.A.


you imed me and i missed it and im really really sad :( BUT YAY argentina!

Han said...

LMAO. Gracias boo!
that's way too funny lolol.